Hawaiian Organic Coffee

Certified Carbon Free Coffee

USDA Organic

Light Roasted Non-Carcinogenic Coffee
Emission Free Coffee Roasting in Air 79% Carbon Reduction
Green Coffee Beans – Coffee is a fruit.

Coffee Roasting Innovation

Most coffee roasting was invented in the 1900’s by European countries. European patients entered the USA in early 1900’s as coffee became commercial and grew in popularity. The process known as drum roasting, heats hot metal surfaces up to just over 500F. After the roasting process large industrial afterburners are used to burn off all the harmful gasses created in the coffee roasting process. The coffee after burning process, uses 5 times the amount of fuel that was required to roast the coffee. Hawaiian Organic Coffee values the earth and Hawaii nature. We use innovation and smokeless coffee roasting that reduces carbon in coffee roasting up to 79% compared with drum roasting. We source organic coffee from local regions and other regions well known for coffee and a sacred devotion from locals to their land. We don’t support pesticides or the use of pesticides on land. Our company focuses on the future and the planet. We are one with the planet, it supports us, and our company vision is to support the planet too. One cup at a time.

Quantum Water

Hawaiian Coffee needs great water. Magnetised water, introduces energy to the water after filtration processes, to re-structure the water. All filtration breaks the water at a molecular level. Most companies add minerals to the water after a filter process, in an attempt to build and restore a PH. The water is not structured atomic level after filtering to hold the minerals, and can’t hold its PH. Hawaii Organic Coffee company recognizes the importance of the Earths magnetic field. The field supports humans and all life every day, as we walk around in between a north and South Pole. By restoring the magnetic field to water, we make the water whole again. Innovation and disruption to the marketplace is the ability to recognize what is missing and resolve it when nobody else has. The quantum water makes for a smooth coffee, and healthy water.

Give Back To Earth

10% of all our coffee bean sales go to charity. Raise your cup every morning to a cause beyond the cup. By purchasing your daily coffee made using Hawaiian Organic Coffee you’re contributing to a larger cause. You’re spending on a daily coffee contributes to 1% to the planet org. You are also contributing to various animal welfare charities. From saving the dogs to cleaning up our oceans and saving the Whales. We are vision focused on the greater cause, a cause beyond self and getting a cup of coffee. Beyond the cup, is our vision. When you enjoy our coffee, you have satisfaction in knowing your daily coffee contributed to a planet wide cause for the future.

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